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Benjy's Messy Room

Benjy's Messy Room

Illustrated by Rita Tan
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ISBN: 9781681156309
Apples & Honey Press, 2024
Reading level: 4-7 years

It's the night before Passover and Benjy's room is a mess. He only has a few hours left to clean it up before the traditional search for bread crumbs. The search ensures that the house is free of all leavened products. 

Benjy loves the hunt in the dark with only a candle to light the way to find all the crumbs his parents hide. But his younger sister Shira begs him to play a game with her, his older sister Naomi teases him, and Pepper their dog keeps getting in the way. How will Benjy ever finish in time?

Benjy's Messy Room


"With colorful, expressive illustrations, [...] Benjy’s Messy Room puts a delightful spin on cleaning for Passover. It should be considered for the Sydney Taylor Book Award."

–Jacqueline Jules, The Sydney Taylor Shmooze 

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