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A Mountain of Blintzes

A Mountain of Blintzes

Illustrated by Anik McGrory
Originally published by Harcourt, 2001, now handled by Two Lions
ISBN: 978-0761457909  [ Buy this Book ]
Reading Level: All Ages

Each spring Sarah, Max, and their five children look forward to celebrating Shavuot with a mountain of delicious blintzes. But this year Sarah and Max are worried. Their pockets are empty and with no money to spare, how can they afford to make a special treat like blintzes?

Join this big-hearted family in preparations for Shavuot, the Jewish holiday celebrating the day Moses received the Ten Commandments, and discover as they do—in a roundabout way that's sure to spark giggles—the true meaning of cooperation.

For A Mountain of Blintzes, the author chose to set the story in the Catskills Mountains of New York in the 1920s because when he was a boy, her father lived on a farm in the Catskills with his two brothers, two sisters, and their parents, Sarah and Harry.

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