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Cakes and Miracles

Cakes and Miracles - A Purim Tale

Illustrated by Jaime Zollars [ Buy This Book ]
ISBN: 978-0761457015 hardcover, Two Lions, 2010
ISBN: 0140548718 paperback, Puffin Books, 1993
ISBN: 067083047X hardcover, Viking, 1991
Reading level: Ages 3 to 8

As Purim approaches, blind Hershel wishes he could help his mother prepare for the holiday. If only I could see, he thinks, I could help my mother. Really help her. Then one night in his dreams, Hershel has a vision of a winged angel descending a sparkling ladder. What the angel tells him and what Hershel sees in his dreams, leads to an exciting surprise for the whole village.

Barbara Diamond Goldin's joyful tale includes a recipe for hamantashen, the traditional Purim pastry. Erika Weih's rich, festive illustrations capture all the merriment of the holiday.

Barbara Diamond Goldin says, "Purim has always been a favorite holiday of mine and was one of the favorites in Eastern European villages. What a change Purim was from their everyday life—joy and feasting, and a general mischievous, anything-goes-for-a-day attitude. A Purim story was perfect for my character, Hershel, with his problems and his spunk."

"Purim is used as a backdrop for a heartwarming story that is really about using one's special gifts." -Booklist

Winner of the Association of Jewish Libraries Sydney Taylor Book Award, 1991.

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