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Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories
Illustrated by Jeffrey Allon
Published by Pitspopany Press, 2000
ISBN: 0943706475, Paperback    [Buy this Book]
ISBN: 0943706483, Hardcover  [Buy this Book]
Reading level: Ages 4-12

These ten stories, one for each of ten holidays in the Jewish calendar, are retellings from classical sources such as Talmud and folklore, except for two of them which are original stories.

Table of Contents
  • Rosh Hashanah: Wake Up and Beat the Drums!
  • Yom Kippur: The Secret Shofar Blasts
  • Sukkot: Rabbi Zusya's Blanket
  • Simchat Torah: Dancing With Fire
  • Hanukkah: Lost In the Woods
  • Tu B Shvat: Honi and the Carob Tree
  • Purim: The Perfect Present
  • Passover: Elijah's Cup
  • Shavuot: A King's Love
  • Shabbat: A Taste of Paradise

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"Ten stories, each related to an historical event or a tradition (blowing the shofar, sleeping in the sukkah, etc.) that springs from a Jewish holiday, are included in this spirited collection. With many quotes, simple language, and some large, double-spread pictures just right for showing to small groups, the collection is a natural for storytellers. Several of the tales are framed in a dialogue between a loving grandmother and her grandchildren, and humor is sometimes an ingredient: the people in 'Wake Up and Beat the Drums' could live in Chelm. But Goldin gives each tale a deeper meaning, which she reinforces with questions at the end of the tales..." /Booklist/

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