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The World's Birthday

The World's Birthday - A Rosh Hashanah Story

Illustrated by Jeanette Winter
Harcourt, 1990, now published by Two Lions
ISBN: 0152000453, Paperback [Buy this Book]
ISBN: 0152996486, Hardcover, 1990 [Out of Print]
Reading level: Ages 3 to 8

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is the time to celebrate the world's birthday—at least that is what Daniel's big sister, Naomi, tells him.

But how can anyone celebrate a birthday for the world? Daniel wants to have a party, but everyone discourages him. The world is too big to come to a party, they all say.

Surely they are right. Yet Daniel is determined.

How one little boy manages to throw a birthday party for the whole world is told tenderly and with gentle wisdom. The cozy illustrations by Jeanette Winter offer a joyous accompaniment to this modern Rosh Hashanah tale.

"A delightful holiday story about a young child making his own personal connection to belief and ritual." -School Library Journal

This book is out of print in paperback and hardcover. Available in libraries and from stores and websites that sell out of print books, such as www.bibliofind.com.

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